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Our passion for helping people be well and stay well keeps us dedicated to providing the latest Wellmune® news, market and industry trends, research, and immune health information.

Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle with Fitness and Immune Health

Health and fitness are essential to both achieving performance goals and maintaining a high quality of life. From competitive athletes to the recreationally active, supporting our immune health through diet and exercise helps keep the body strong and helps maintain activity levels, especially as we age or face other challenges. One important way athletes are Continue reading…

How the Immune Health Dietary Supplements Market is Changing

It’s more clear than ever  that people are now thinking differently about their wellness. From older adults who were impacted in disproportionately larger numbers by the recent global pandemic to younger age groups who may not have felt its effects as directly, staying healthy is a top concern across all age groups. Prior to the Continue reading…

Immune-supporting Food and Beverage Launches Help Meet Increased Demand

It’s no surprise that consumer interest in immune health continues to rise. Although recent trends show comfort food is being sought as an antidote to the discomfort of uncertain times, consumers are well aware of the role of diet has in maintaining good health. While balancing the need for comfort with the reassurance that a Continue reading…

Immune Health Demands Continue to Grow In Asia

It goes without saying that concern about the risks from foreign challenges such as viruses has never been higher. However, even before the current crisis, immunity was a major concern for consumers in Asia. Immune support is in high demand in Asia. Last year, Wellmune® conducted consumer research showing that demand for immune health products Continue reading…

[Infographic] Why Are People Taking Dietary Supplements

In today’s challenging health landscape, immune health is more important than ever. Consumers around the world are looking for ways to support their health not only through proven habits such as exercise, sleep, and diet, but also with dietary supplements. Market insights. Although the immune health dietary supplements market trends show strong growth, it is Continue reading…

Things You Can Do to Help Stop the Spread and Support Immune Health

Immune health is on our minds right now. Constantly. Whether you’re on the forefront of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as a healthcare provider, or among the millions quarantined or told to maintain social distance, protecting our immune health is an urgent need. While top-of-mind concerns include contracting the virus, there’s also an undercurrent of anxiety Continue reading…

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