Formulating Supplements with Wellmune®.

The innovation opportunities for supplement and nutraceuticals products containing Wellmune® are limitless. Products formulated with Wellmune’s clinically supported immune health benefits stand out from the wall of commodity supplements that are available in stores today.

Supporting supplement brands by offering an immune health ingredient with the benefits consumers demand.

Adding science-backed immune health benefits into supplement products.

A dry, powdered ingredient, Wellmune is available in dispersible and soluble formats, with a five-year shelf life. Wellmune will withstand most processing conditions with no impact on its efficacy, which means it can be included in a wide range of supplement formats, including:

  • Capsules & Tablets
  • Gummies & Chewables
  • Powdered Mixes
  • Shots
  • Effervescents
  • Soft Gells

Meeting consumer demands with a science-backed immune health ingredient for supplements.

Supplements for kids.

Parents are increasingly looking for immune health supplements that their kids will actually consume.

  • Highly flexible, Wellmune can be formulated into a wide variety of kid-approved supplement formats such as gummies, sachets, and soft-chews.
  • Learn how Wellmune can help children

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Meeting the demand for healthy aging.

The rapidly growing aging population is calling for more supplement products that meet the immune health and format needs of older people.

  • Wellmune can easily be formulated into supplements targeted to the needs of older adults such as powdered mixes, tablets and capsules.
  • Learn how Wellmune can support the immune health of older adults.

More insights:

Sports nutrition supplements athletes want most.

Supplements are an everyday part of many athletes’ training routines, and increasingly, immune health is a sought-after benefit.

  • Wellmune can help create immune health focused powdered mixes, shots and chews, which are fueling growth in the sports nutrition market.
  • Learn how Wellmune can help athletes stay ready to train.

More insights:

Supplements for stress.

Consumers are connecting support for stress and mental health with the importance of nutrition, leading to a greater interest in supplementation that can provide immune health benefits.

  • Wellmune can easily be formulated into formats such as effervescent tablets, powdered mixes and gummies, which are in high demand.
  • Learn how Wellmune can help support our immune system when experiencing lifestyle stress

More insights:

Making it easy for manufacturers to create immune health supplements.

The innovation opportunities for supplement products containing Wellmune are limitless. The Wellmune team can help you create a supplement that is not only powered by a clinically supported, branded immune health ingredient, but that also meets the format demands consumers want most.

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