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Immune Health for Sports Nutrition.

Immediately after intense exercise, the effectiveness of the body’s immune system is reduced, leaving both trained athletes and “weekend warriors” more susceptible to illness. This can lead to missed training days or critical workouts, and hurt performance and wellness goals.

Keeping athletes primed for performance.

The worst thing that can happen is not having your immune system at 100%. That is why I've been using Immune Fit with Wellmune every day for a full year. I now have the confidence that I am 100% going into an event.

- Chris DeMarchi, Cyclist/Triathlete

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

While athletes understand the importance of staying healthy and ready to train, what is less commonly known is the importance of striking a balance between hard training and good immune recovery. From recreational to elite athletes, Wellmune® helps people exercise longer and harder, with less risk of immune system suppression that can follow high-intensity exercise.

Wellmune helps you stay physically healthy and promotes mental clarity.

Clinical research shows Wellmune helps increase vigor and mental clarity while reducing fatigue, tension, confusion and upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms in marathon runners.

The effectiveness of the immune system drops sharply below its normal state two to six hours after strenuous exercise, gradually recovering within 24 hours. During this ‘open window,’ the athlete is more susceptible to infection, which may result in lost training time as well as missed work or school.”

- Brian McFarlin, Ph.D., FACSM, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Clinically-proven immune support for athletes.


40% reduction 

In a clinical study, marathoners taking Wellmune for four weeks experienced a 40% reduction in upper respiratory tract infection symptoms.

22% increase in vigor
48% reduction in fatigue

In a clinical study, marathon runners taking Wellmune experienced a 22% increase in vigor and a 48% reduction in fatigue.

Certified by Informed-Sport

Tested for banned substances and quality assured for athletes.

Wellmune is certified with Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice, a globally recognized authority on testing for banned substances and quality assurance for athletes.

How Wellmune Works

For product manufacturers.

As the global sports nutrition market is expected to surpass $45 billion by 2022, foods, beverages and supplements that focus on immune health benefits will be in high demand. Wellmune is the natural immune health ingredient that provides proven benefits to help deliver on this growing demand.

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The immune support of Wellmune can help athletes stay healthy, so they can train more effectively.

- Sean Hartley, Sr. ABM of Optimum Nutrition

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