Formulating Functional Beverages with Wellmune®.

Today’s consumers expect more out of manufacturers when it comes to beverage innovation. But not all ingredients can be easily formulated into different types of beverage formats and provide research-supported immune health benefits consumers can trust.

Wellmune is helping beverage brands innovate by offering a quality immune health ingredient that creates functional beverages consumers value most. 

Wellmune works well in a wide range of beverage categories to help meet the needs of consumers around the world.

Wellmune® is easily compatible – from both a flavor and stability standpoint – with most processing conditions encountered in beverage manufacturing. For example:

  • Juices & Smoothies
  • Sports & Energy Drinks Shot
  • Enhanced Waters
  • Nutritional Beverages
  • Children’s Beverages
  • Effervescents & Sachets
  • Powdered Mixes
  • Milk & Other Dairy

Creating beverages for different life stages with science-backed immune health benefits.

Children’s immune health beverages.

The addition of functional ingredients may help restore the parent-appeal of beverages that have suffered a loss of reputation.

  • Wellmune can be formulated into a wide variety of children beverages like juices, dairy beverages and sachets.
  • Research shows kids consuming Wellmune can have more healthy days.

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Functional beverages for older adults.

Nutritional beverages have long been the go-to format for older adults looking to support their health, and demand for immune-focused products continues to grow.

  • Wellmune can easily be formulated into functional beverages such as nutritional beverages, protein powders and meal replacement beverages.
  • Research shows Wellmune can help support the immune health of older adults.

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Performance beverages for athletes and “weekend warriors”.

Refreshing beverages are often the go-to format for athletes because they can be incorporated easily into daily training routines, while keeping athletes ready to train.

  • Powdered beverages, ready-to-drinks and fortified waters with immune health benefits are all in-demand and fueling growth in the sports nutrition market.
  • Clinical research shows Wellmune can help support the immune health of athletes and “weekend warriors”.

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Functional beverages for stress.

As people turn to proactively supporting their wellness in times of stress, they are looking for functional beverages that can support their immune health.

  • Beverages associated with relaxation, such as teas, coffees or smoothies can easily be formulated with the immune health benefits of Wellmune.
  • Research demonstrates Wellmune can help support the immune health function of people experiencing lifestyle stress.

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Empowering manufactures with an immune health ingredient consumers trust.

Health messages are becoming more complex, and consumers have more access to information from many different sources. Addressing consumer skepticism by formulating beverages with a research supported immune health ingredient like Wellmune is one of the most important factors in product success.

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