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Filling a gap in the immune-enhancing market across Europe with top-shelf, evidence-based supplements


PharmacoNutrition is a Swiss supplement company that develops natural, high-quality supplements integrating health and nutrition practices.

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The challenge.

With immunity a top health concern across all ages, PharmacoNutrition was looking to create a suite of convenient products designed to provide optimum immune support at all stages in life.


The journey. 

At the heart of the company, and in the products they develop, is a focus on replenishing  key nutrients the body needs for recovery and to support overall health and wellness. This means that the company uses only well-documented bioactive ingredients that  can provide clinically-proven benefits consumers can trust and feel good about using daily.

With Wellmune® in mind, PharmacoNutrition sought a long-term partnership with Kerry to help develop a line of products that provide nutritional support for different lifestyle needs.

We were looking for the best immune-enhancing ingredient, and Wellmune fulfilled all our requirements. Kerry’s long-term commitment to continued research on an already-robust body of research around Wellmune is VERY important to us as a consumer brand owner.

- Bengt A Hansson , CEO of PharmacoNutrition
The solution.

Choosing Kerry for their taste and nutrition expertise, together the company’s new product development and general management teams worked for eight months to create an immune-enhancing supplement line that combines the clinically-proven immune health benefits of Wellmune with key nutrients known to help support general wellness specifically for children, adults, active adults, athletes and those experiencing lifestyle stress. Ultimately, the team created the Claricell® Healthy Aging program, which includes:

  • Claricell® Essential: A 100% natural nutritional supplement for adults, seniors and athletes.with Wellmune, formulated to keep the immune system primed.
  • Claricell® Junior: A supplement for children that contains Wellmune for immune health and DHA for brain health.
  • Claricell® Active: A sports nutrition–targeted supplement formulated with Wellmune to keep the immune system primed.
  • Claricell® PerformX: An effervescent tablet formulated to support immune health during times of stress that includes Wellmune, selenium, zinc and Vitamins D and C.

Our Claricell® line targets all people who want to boost their immune system and stay healthier. This includes adults and children, business people who travel a lot, professional athletes and weekend warriors as well as seniors. The platform technology in all products under the Claricell® umbrella is Wellmune.

- Bengt A Hansson , CEO of PharmacoNutrition
The results. 
  • The Claricell® line is presently sold in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), the U.K., Ireland, Serbia, Switzerland, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Kenya. The long-term goal is to sell the brand globally.
  • The first of this product line was introduced into the European market in 2015, and has resulted in a steady increase in sales and the expansion of its full product portfolio.
  • The company is developing its own Claricell® online shop, which will be launched in September 2018.


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