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Expanding their line of children’s nutritional supplements, bringing clinically-proven immune health gummies across Asia.


AJ Research & Pharma Sdn Bhd is a leading nutraceutical and pharmaceutical company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They provide innovation-driven, world-class solutions.


The challenge.

AJ Research & Pharma wanted to expand the company’s product portfolio to include innovative products positioned to support children’s immune systems and the overall health and wellness of families.

The journey. 

Understanding the impact a sick child has on the entire family, AJ Research & Pharma began to look for natural, safe and effective immune health ingredients that children and families could easily incorporate into their daily routines.

As part of their expansion goals, they wanted to find a nutrition partner that could provide effective immune health ingredients for children, while helping to create a gummy that is great tasting with an appealing texture.

Parents want to know they're supporting their kids’ nutrition with products that are safe and effective, so incorporating immune health ingredients that are clinically proven is a must for new products.

- Mr. Christos from AJ Research & Pharma
The solution.

Backed by clinical research that demonstrates Wellmune can help keep kids significantly healthier, AJ Research & Pharma tapped Wellmune to be the key ingredient in their product line expansion, helping them achieve their product development goals.

Working side-by-side for about four months, AJ Research & Pharma and the taste and nutrition experts behind Wellmune helped create:

  • Chewies Immunolicious, a great tasting gummy for children ages two and up.
  • The product is available in three different flavors: Orange, Mango & Strawberry Gummies and are formulated with a soft, chewy texture preferred by children.

Our goal is to provide our consumer's products that are safe and effective to help keep them healthy. Wellmune was the only ingredient we found that was clinically proven to support the immune systems of children.

- Mr. Christos from AJ Research & Pharma
The results:
  • Initially launched in Malaysia in 2016, Immunolicious has become a hugely successful product extension for the company and is now available in the UAE, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines.
  • The clinical research behind Wellmune has given AJ Research & Pharma the ability to convey simple and easy-to-understand immune health benefits to families, which has increased consumer awareness and furthered the company’s penetration into the children’s market in Asia.
  • The partnership has led to creative marketing activities including the product’s induction into Malaysia’s Book of Records for the “Largest Participation in an Immunity-Boosting Gummies Taking Session,” under the Malaysian Book of Record’s Human Achievement Category.



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