Providing Immune Support for Children.

Keeping children healthy means more healthy days spent together as a family, and in school.

Clinical studies

show how Wellmune

helps keep

kids healthy.

2/3 fewer URTI symptoms

Children taking Wellmune reported two-thirds fewer upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) symptoms.

6 fewer sick days

Children taking Wellmune reported 6 fewer sick days in 12 weeks.

62% report good health

Children taking Wellmune were significantly healthier, with 62% reporting “good” health status, verses 15% taking the placebo.

Families want to support their children’s immune health with natural, safe and science-backed products that fit their busy lives and appeals to their picky eaters.

A study from Mead Johnson Nutrition demonstrated that children consuming a beverage-based formula with Wellmune had significantly fewer acute respiratory infections, and the duration of their illnesses was significantly shorter than children drinking unfortified cow’s milk. A second study demonstrated fewer episodes of allergy symptoms with children drinking the formula with Wellmune.

For product manufacturers.

Products with proven ingredients that support immune health for kids are in demand – in fact, 77% of moms are interested in purchasing a product with Wellmune. Wellmune provides proof of efficacy, which can help consumers better understand the immune health benefits of the product. Want to learn more about how Wellmune can help deliver immune health benefits to families and children?


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We chose to include the functional ingredient Wellmune in our products because it helps provide safe, natural, and proven immune support, a key health benefit mothers are concerned about.

– Jin Li, Product Director of Star of Hope, New Hope Dairy

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