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Serving coffee consumers in the Brazilian market with an innovative immune health beverage


V-Life is a leading health and nutrition company in Brazil that markets lifestyle products to its network of entrepreneurs, franchisees and their customers.

The challenge.

The company desired to create a coffee product for the Brazilian market but knew it had to be different—and cool—because that’s a hallmark of the V-Life brand.

The journey.

Coffee consumption in Brazil is a hot market, with some estimates pegging its growth to double between 2010 and 2021. Seeing a clear opportunity, the V-Life team began considering how a coffee drink could fit into their product portfolio. But they wanted to create a product that differentiated itself by including a functional ingredient that is supported by clinical research and has the ability to help improve the quality of life for its customers.

Familiar with Wellmune® – in particular its proven efficacy studies and overall reputation as a quality functional ingredient – V-Life collaborated with the Wellmune team to create a coffee product that offers clinically proven immune health benefits.

“Coffee is a very popular drink in Brazil, and combining a product people consume daily with immune support benefits presented us with a great and interesting opportunity. The credibility of Wellmune was of fundamental importance to add value to our products.”

-Guilherme Sanchez, V-Life’s director of marketing and products.
The solution.

Introducing, V-Coffee, a coffee capsule with the added immune health benefits of Wellmune, and is:

  • A 100% Arabica coffee in a K-cup format.
  • For coffee lovers and adults that enjoy the taste and ritual of coffee and seek the added immune health benefits of Wellmune.
  • Available in Brazil and can be purchased online or through V-Life’s network of affiliates.

It took just a few months from ideation to working with the Wellmune team to bring this fortified coffee capsule product to life. Wellmune’s team helped with formulation and taste considerations while providing a research-backed proprietary baker’s yeast beta glucan ingredient that is clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system.

“People already love coffee and now have another good reason to do so. We love that we can help people support their immune health daily, through a convenient and effective super coffee.”

-Guilherme Sanchez, V-Life’s director of marketing and products.
The results.
  • V-coffee launched in mid-2018. Excitement amongst both V-life’s sales network and customers is driving expanded sales throughout Brazil.
  • V-coffee is executing a social media campaign focused on immune health and wellness on both Pinterest and Instagram, where they are gaining increased brand engagement and product awareness.
  • Added immune health benefits provided V-Life the innovative market differentiation needed to succeed in a competitive market.

“I have always had a lot of coffee, and when I knew that V-Life would make coffee that would help my immune system, I was super excited. I drink V-Coffee every day and I love it. I feel super energized and ready to take on the day.

– Cláudia Maques, 36 years old, teacher.

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