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Wellmune Certified by Informed-Sport to be Quality Assured for Athletes

Wellmune® is officially registered with Informed-Sport® and Informed-Choice®. This designation marks Wellmune as tested for banned substances and quality assured for athletes.

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Wellmune is a 100% natural food, beverage, and supplement ingredient clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system. Backed by numerous clinical studies that demonstrate Wellmune’s ability to boost the immune system, the ingredient helps athletes’ stay healthy during and after intense workouts, enabling them to train harder and longer. Wellmune can be found in high-performing sports and nutritional supplements around the world including MRI Immune Fit™ and ImmiFlex®.

“Accomplishing the Informed-Sport certification reinforces our commitment to the sports segment,” said Richard G. Mueller, Chief Executive Officer of the Wellmune brand. “Being registered by Informed Sport provides our manufacturing partners the assurance that Wellmune has rigorously been tested for banned substances and is safe for professional athletes and consumers alike.”

Research has shown that supplement products can become contaminated with low levels of steroid and stimulants that are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice are globally recognized certification program for sports supplements, ingredients, and manufacturing facilities. The program assures that all nutritional supplements and ingredients that carry the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for WADA banned substances. The Informed-Sport program works closely with supplement manufacturers and suppliers by providing high-quality analytical testing to minimize the incidence of banned contaminants finding their way into sport.


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