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Wellmune® Wins Natural Award

To recognize innovative ingredient suppliers, Beverage World has named Wellmune a Natural & Organic Award Logo winner of its first Natural and Organic Ingredient Award. 

With a growing consumer interest in a more healthy, natural back-to-basics approach to what they eat and drink, this award recognizes Wellmune as a key food, beverage and supplement ingredient meeting the demand for naturally sourced ingredients with clinically proven immune health benefits.

As reported by Beverage World, “immune health ingredients are a big trend as more consumers are turning to what they eat in an effort to maintain good health. Kerry’s Wellmune ingredient hits on two targets as it provides immune health benefits and it’s a natural yeast beta glucan. Numerous clinical studies support Wellmune’s ability to enhance key immune functions, improve overall physical health and maintain healthy energy levels.”

We are thrilled to be honored as a leader in natural health ingredients and to help product manufacturers meet this growing consumer demand for natural and organic beverages by utilizing innovative functional ingredients.

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