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Clean and Simple: Wellmune Recognized as a Trailblazer in Clean Label Solutions

Beverage World has named Wellmune® a winner of its first Clean Label Trailblazers award, recognizing the immune Clean Label seal[3] copyhealth ingredient as a vanguard of the clean label trend, “helping beverage companies develop today’s most innovative drinks.”

As reported by the Beverage World, the clean label ingredient trend is driven by consumer demand for healthy and recognizable ingredients as well as transparency in product production. For example, 87 percent of Americans look at the nutrition facts panel on packaged foods and beverages at least sometimes, while 67 percent of consumers prefer groceries with fewer and simpler ingredients.

“We see a lot of interest in clean labeling, particularly in the kid’s beverage category where moms and dads are looking for beverages they can feel good about. They are also increasingly interested in health and wellness trends, such as functional immune health benefits,” said Richard G. Mueller, Chief Executive Officer of the Wellmune brand. “We are honored to be recognized as a leader in helping beverage companies create innovative products. Wellmune is clinically proven to strengthen the immune system, safe for everyday consumption and 100 percent natural. Wellmune meets the demands of consumers looking for transparency and authenticity.”

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