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Wellmune approved as novel food in the EU

Our team is preparing to travel to Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, Switzerland, next week. The timing couldn’t be better given the breaking news that Wellmune is approved as a novel food in the EU, opening the door for broadscale incorporation of Wellmune in food and beverage products.

One year ago, the European Food Safety Authority issued a positive scientific opinion on Wellmune as a novel food.

We have two European distributors. Immetec is our primary distributor with the exception of Italy where our distributor is DKSH. According to Jan Oddvar Johansen, Immitec chairman, “Wellmune is finally ‘ready to go’ in the European Union. The food and beverage industry has an unprecedented chance to capitalize on the commercial potential of introducing Wellmune to a market of savvy, increasingly health conscious consumers.”

He added, “The fact that Wellmune will finally be available in Europe should transform the way in which governments, business, and consumers approach preventative health. Make no mistake, this breakthrough could dwarf the impact that Omega 3 had several years ago.”


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