What is Wellmune?

Strong Immune Support with Wellmune.

Our immune system is the starting point for your quality of life. Reinforcing your health and wellness through proactive self-care starts with improving your general immune health.

Taking Wellmune® every day helps support your immunity so you can have healthy energy and have a healthy degree of better mental clarity, feel more productive, and perform at the top of your game. Backed by over a decade of science, Wellmune is proven safe and effective for people of all ages, including:

“When I’m healthy I feel I’m at my best… I can live life to the fullest, set and achieve my goals.”

Leading the way for healthier children and families.

Wellmune helps keep children healthier.

A healthy immune system is critical for families because when a child is sick, it impacts everyone.

A study with the kids in a daycare setting showed that children taking Wellmune were:

4x healthier

62% of children reporting “good” health status compared to 15% taking a placebo.


Wellmune Benefits Children

Keeping athletes primed for performance.

Wellmune keeps athletes primed for performance.

Athletes at all levels can face harsh environmental factors as well as physical and psychological stress. This can lead to missed training days or interrupt our everyday life.

In a clinical study with marathon runners, participants taking Wellmune had a:

22% increase in vigor
48% reduction in fatigue

Wellmune Benefits Athletes

Staying healthy as we age.

Wellmune provides immune support as we age.

It is important for older adults to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. But as people age, their immune system slows and weakens.

A  pilot study with older adults showed a strong statistical trend that Wellmune decreased the number of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptom days. Older adults taking Wellmune had a:

16% decrease
in total URTI symptom days.

Wellmune Benefits Adults

Immune health for lifestyle stress.

Wellmune helps protect against the harmful effects of stress.

Chronic or long-term stress can weaken the immune system.

A study found a significant improvement in general health and mood of stressed individuals. Compared with taking a placebo, taking Wellmune every day led to a:

  • 42% increase in vigor
  • 38% reduction in fatigue
  • 15% reduction in stress-induced confusion
  • 19% reduction in tension

Wellmune Benefits Stress

For product manufacturers.

With immune health considered one of the most-sought-after benefits, demand will continue to grow for foods, beverages and supplements that help support immunity. A major opportunity exists for creating products that can deliver natural, safe and clinically-proven immune health benefits to people of all ages.

Wellmune can provide the product differentiation needed to capture growing consumer demand at every life stage.

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