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What Makes a Quality Immune Health Product?

We spoke with Dr. Roger Clemens, an expert in nutrition, food science and toxicology and Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute advisor about what makes a quality immune health product. Here is what he had to say… What makes a quality immune health product? Simply put, research, efficacy, and safety are essential. More and more we see people Continue reading…

Immunity in Every Part of Your Life – A Nutrition Expert’s Take

    Nobody likes to be sick, and it seems like everywhere we go there’s another threat to our wellbeing. Germ-laden door handles, sneeze-spewing coworkers, or the prolonged horror of waiting for our kid’s sick schoolmate to inevitably spread the illness to our own home. Yet, we don’t get sick that often. Yet, we don’t Continue reading…

Pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears Talks Immune Health 101

Did you know that renowned pediatrician Dr. Bill brings his keen insights about child health, parenting, and nutrition to Wellmune’s educational outreach on immune health topics? Dr. Sears to talks about what people of all ages can do to support their immune health and help stay well. In this short video, Dr. Sears provides some Continue reading…

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