Study Finds Taking Wellmune Helps Keep Children Significantly Healthier

Wellmune®, the immune strengthening bakers yeast beta glucan used in food, beverages, and supplements, helps to keep children significantly healthier by decreasing episodes of common childhood illnesses and symptoms of illness such as upper respiratory tract infection symptoms (URTI), according to a new study conducted by H&J CRO International Inc., in Beijing. The study was Continue reading…

Cow’s Milk-Based Beverage Consumption in 1- to 4-Year-Olds and Allergic Manifestations: an RCT

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Department, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China Clinical Research, Department of Medical Affairs, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Evansville, Indiana Pontes MV, Ribeiro TCM, Ribeiro H, de Mattos AP, Almeida IR, Leal VM, Cabral GN, Stolz S, Zhuang W, Scalabrin DMF. (2016) Nutrition Journal 15:19-28. Abstract:  Background: Continue reading…

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