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[Infographics] Trends in Regional Immune Health Food Markets

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In the last year, global sales of functional/fortified foods topped $175B USD, and four in ten consumers worldwide say they have increased their use of functional foods and beverages. With 60% of global consumers citing immune health as their top reason for purchasing healthy lifestyle products, demand for categories like functional foods with immune health benefits is a top priority worldwide. We’ve compiled these regional infographics to provide key insights from markets around the world to help create the functional foods consumers want for their immune health needs.

Regional tastes drive demand

Around the world, regional preferences are creating demand for immune-supporting foods.

  • Consumers in North America and Europe are waking up to the benefits of starting their day with breakfast foods fortified with immune health ingredients—over 60% in Europe and nearly three quarters in North America say it’s the optimal occasion for immune-supporting foods.
  • In Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, healthy indulgence is fast becoming a trend. Over 60% of consumers in this region say they feel functional confections are ‘healthy’, creating market potential for treats with the benefits consumers want.
  • Dairy is emerging as a functional food, notably in Latin America, with 36% of consumers saying they have purchased or would be interested in purchasing yogurt containing immune-supporting ingredients.

A world of healthy options

Although trends like the growth of immune benefits in dairy and breakfast applications are influencing market growth, meeting changing consumer preferences are creating opportunities for formulating functional foods with the benefits consumer want, and can understand.

As more consumers do their own research when choosing products, formulating with science-backed yeast beta glucans can help manufacturers create functional foods with well-supported immune health benefits consumers seek. In fact, as many as 90% of consumers in various regions say that claims made for Wellmune®, Kerry’s proprietary yeast beta glucan, are completely or somewhat believable.

Wellmune can help manufacturers create personalized immune foods with benefits consumers trust and understand, making it easier to choose the products that best meet their needs, in categories like yogurts, smoothies, cereals and granolas, snacks and bars.

Get regional insights

Want to know more? Download our regional infographics for unique insights into the market for immune-supporting foods.

Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Chinese Immune Foods Infographic






APMEA Immune Foods Infographic

Key trends in the market for immune-supporting foods in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa





Latin America

LATAM Spanish Immune Foods Infographic

Tendencias clave en el mercado de los alimentos de apoyo inmunológico en América Latina





LATAM Portuguese Immune Foods Infographic

Principais tendências no mercado de alimentos com benefícios imunológicos na América Latina






Europe Immune Foods Infographic

Key trends in the market for immune-supporting foods in Europe





North America

North America Immune Foods Infographic

Key trends in the market for immune-supporting foods in North America





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