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Wellmune’s Commitment During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

Kerry, the owners of the Wellmune® brand, has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as it continues to impact communities around the globe. During this uncertain time, we remain committed to providing the best possible immune health ingredient through our dedication to safety, efficacy and scientific research.

Focus on health and safety.

We remain focused on health and safety, as we do our very best to support our customers and our communities. Our teams are working diligently at all of our locations to ensure the safety and the well-being of our people. In doing so, we prioritize the highest product quality and safety standards and help to ensure the continued delivery of essential goods to our customers and consumers.

Of course, we are one part of a larger chain of activity. Our trusted suppliers continue to source valuable raw materials while our customers ensure that products make their way to consumers around the world.

Focus on supporting immunity through research.

Kerry’s purpose as a company is to Inspire Food and Nourish Life, which unites and guides us on this journey. Now, more than ever, we are rallying together across the globe to stay true to that cause.

As a brand, Wellmune stands to help people Be Well and Stay Well. Our experienced team of experts remains focused on immune health, and our foundation has been set through scientific substantiation.

A challenging road lies ahead for all of us, but we are confident that as we continue to work closely with our customers, we will navigate these difficult times together to provide nutritious solutions and immune health benefits for consumers globally.
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