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The Top Benefits & Formats in Supplements Today

Today’s vitamin and dietary supplement market is thriving because of an increase consumer focus on health and wellness. As proof, the now booming market is valued at $106 billion and is expected to grow 3.1% globally through 2022.[1] Within the category, dietary supplements containing value-added functional ingredients are disrupting the market and offer manufacturers the ability to differentiate their products.

For consumers, vitamins and dietary supplements remain a popular delivery system for added health benefits based on their tailored health and wellness goals. For example, busy, on-the-go consumers look to supplements as an easy, time-saving solution to manage their health, while older adults seek nutritional supplements that offer healthy aging benefits. But one thing remains the same across all consumer groups, which is the demand for effective supplement products that can deliver the targeted health benefits aligned to their specific health and wellness goals.

Download our infographic to learn the top health benefits in supplement products that meet the demands of consumers globally and identify the product formats driving innovation in the market.


For even more insights about the global dietary supplement market, download our whitepaper: Dietary Supplements in 2019 – A Look at What’s Ahead.


[1] Euromonitor Passport Analysis, 2018.

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