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Mixed Up in Mixed Messaging

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While consumers are looking for immune foods, beverages, and supplements to improve their overall health and wellness, they are also more choosy and skeptical about the information on product labels. With access to more health information from health professionals, friends, family, the internet, and regulatory agencies, consumers often receive conflicting information or mixed messaging, making it difficult to decipher which products have the proven health benefits they are seeking.


Product white space is driven by mixed messaging. 

A GlobalData report indicates that 87% of consumers are interested in purchasing products with immune health benefits, but only 48% of them are actively buying. This purchase-intent-to-active-buying rate indicates a white space where a lack of product innovation, coupled with mixed messaging, is causing a barrier to purchase.

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How can product manufacturers cut through the noise and create benefit-driven messaging?

Safety-based and evidence-based ingredients are the answer to building trust and product awareness. The following are several reasons why immune health ingredients that are backed by clinical research elevate value for consumers and support product innovation.

  1. Science-backed ingredients help provide benefit-driven messaging. Once a product or ingredient is shown to have a positive effect, product manufacturers can be more specific about the product’s efficacy. Research-backed immune health ingredients can help validate marketing messages that help consumers better understand the ingredient’s benefits.
  2. Consistent messaging based on evidence-based facts can help build credibility. Through validated research, manufacturers can share unbiased information that can provide a level of transparency, which is highly valued by today’s consumers as well as by different consumer groups and healthcare professionals.
  3. Clinical evidence sets a product apart from the competition. Ingredients that emphasize the investment in scientific evidence and clinical research stand apart from other brands and commodities, especially since more consumers are taking the time to educate themselves about a product’s ingredients and benefits. When consumers know a specific ingredient is backed up by credible science, they will look for that ingredient in their favorite product to ensure they receive the benefits and feel good about their purchase.


Success starts with quality, safety, and efficacy.

In a competitive market in which more and more consumers are turning to functional foods, beverages, and supplements to help them be well and stay well, utilizing science-backed ingredients will provide the competitive edge product manufacturers will need to convey real and meaningful product benefits. Consumer loyalty is—and will remain—driven by the understanding of a product’s quality, safety, and efficacy as well as the value it provides. Ultimately, consumers find real value from products that deliver real benefits.


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