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First Dairy Products with Wellmune Launched in China

New Hope Dairy Introduces Two Children’s RTD Milk Beverages

New Hope Dairy Holding Co., Ltd, a leading milk manufacturer in China, has launched two new ready-to-drink, dairy-based milk beverages featuring essential nutrients and Wellmune®. The first of its kind in China, the beverages help parents support children’s energy and brain development while providing clinically proven immune support.

Star of Hope Children’s Milk Vigorous
Star of Hope Children’s Milk Vigorous

Both products, Star of Hope Children’s Milk Vigorous and Star of Hope Children’s Milk Smart are fortified with Wellmune, a yeast beta glucan with the ability to naturally strengthen children’s immune systems. Vigorous also includes casein phosphopeptides and vitamin D for energy, while Smart includes DHA and phosphatidylserine for memory improvement. Created for children ages 3-12, both ready-to-drink milk beverages will be sold in mass market and grocery stores, online, and in New Hope Dairy owned stores.

“For the first time, we are offering parents convenient dairy based drinks for children that help support healthy immune function and fill in nutritional gaps they may be missing,” says Jin Li, Product Director of Star of Hope, New Hope Dairy. “We chose to include the functional ingredient Wellmune for both products because it helps provide safe, natural, and proven immune support, a key health benefit mothers are concerned about.”

Star of Hope Children’s Milk Smart
Star of Hope Children’s Milk Smart

“A recent Gallup study found that immunity is the most sought after health benefit by moms for their children,” said Richard G. Mueller, Chief Executive Officer of the Wellmune brand, which was recently acquired by Kerry. “We are thrilled Wellmune is a key ingredient in Star of Hope Children’s Milk because parents can feel good knowing they are building a healthy foundation for their children with this unique product.”

Wellmune’s ability to support the immune system is backed by numerous published, peer-reviewed clinical studies that demonstrate the ingredient’s ability to help safely and naturally mobilize billions of innate immune cells that are part of the body’s natural defenses. Two recent clinical studies found that a toddler formula containing Wellmune, DHA, and FOS kept children significantly healthier than unfortified cow’s milk.


About New Hope Dairy Holding Co., Ltd
New Hope Dairy Holding Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary dairy company of New Hope Group. Founded in 1982 and based in Sichuan Province, China, the market layout includes southwest, eastern and northern China. Dedicated to improving manufacturing processes and quality, the company currently invests in 11 milk source groups and owns 10 pastures, with a milk yield of nearly 400,000,000kg.


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