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Products Featuring Wellmune Receive Industry Best and Innovation Awards

The month of October has been busy and exciting time for our customers and products featuring Wellmune®. We are thrilled to announce that three products have been awarded honors for creating innovative products dedicated to improving the immune health of the people globally. The awards include:

immunestixImmuneStix™: 2015 SupplySide Editor’s Choice Award for Specialty Food & Supplements
Informa Exhibitions named ImmuneStix™ as the winner of its 2015 SupplySide Editor’s Choice Award for Specialty Food & Supplements. Abunda, which developed ImmuneStix for Complete Nutrition, a leading chain of nutrition stores throughout the USA, was awarded for its combination of unique delivery method, taste, and use of innovation ingredients.

This blood orange soft chew is formulated to enhance the immune system by featuring Wellmune, the food, beverage, and supplement ingredient clinically shown to support healthy immune function. Individually wrapped and packaged in a 10-count stick pack, ImmuneStix has dramatically increased consumer traffic in stores and led to significant incremental sales for Abunda’s client.

“When we develop solutions for our clients, we are driven by innovation and the desire to build value,” said Peter Leighton, CEO of Abunda Functional Foods. “We are thrilled by the recognition of our industry thought leaders and pleased by the performance of the brand.”

gainzzzGainZzz™: 2015 SupplySide Editor’s Choice Award for Sports Nutrition
Informa Exhibitions named GainZzz™, as the winner of its 2015 SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Award in the Sports Nutrition Category. Developed by Force Factor®, a leading sports nutrition brand, this post-workout recovery supplement was recognized for innovation and market impact.

GainZzz is specifically engineered to help competitive and recreational athletes alike fall asleep quickly and stay asleep during the critical window when the body’s muscle-building cycle is at its peak. By utilizing the immune health ingredient Wellmune, it helps reduce immunosuppression and supports the rebuilding of strength throughout the night.

“We are honored that the SupplySide editors chose to recognize GainZzz as the top sports nutrition product in 2015,” said Brett Bernier, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at NutraClick®, the parent company of Force Factor. “GainZzz is one of the first products of its kind to address the correlation between a solid night’s sleep and the ability to build strength and muscle as part of a training routine. We’re proud to showcase GainZzz as a reflection of our longstanding commitment to creating innovative and advanced formulations that fulfill consumer needs not yet met by other products on the market.”

BetterNutImmune Health Basics: Better Nutrition Editor’s Pick
Better Nutrition magazine has awarded Immune Health Basics as an Editor’s Pick for Cold & Flu. Highlighted for its clinical ability to help strengthen the immune system, Immune Health Basics is an all-natural daily supplement created with Wellmune to enhance the immune function and promote overall well-being.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as leading immune health supplement,” said Matt Steiner, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Immune Health Basics. “As a safe and effective product backed by credible research and the highest standards of quality, our product can be a key nutritional supplement in strengthening your immune function during times of seasonal changes.”

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