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First Endurance Launches Multivitamin Focused on Recovery and Endurance

Wellmune®, the clinically proven immune health ingredient, has been selected to be part of First Endurance’s new MultiV-Pro multivitamin. The new supplement is specially formulated to improve hard training athletes’ performance goals while supporting themultivproir health and recovery progress.

Traditionally, elite athletes have often relied on products that focus on muscle building and fuel endurance. Increasingly athletes are looking for a more tailored approach to their fitness goals, which includes products that provide a holistic approach while targeting recovery and immune health. MultiV-Pro is meeting this demand, providing a combination supplement that preserves both athletic gains and promotes overall health and wellness. By combining Wellmune – the yeast beta glucan proven to offer immune support – with clinically effective doses of vitamins, minerals, and other key endurance-specific nutrients, MultiV-Pro is changing the way athletes approach their athletic gains.

“Endurance and hard training athletes often face immunosuppression due to intense workouts, causing not only missed days of training but often missed performance goals,” said Robert Kunz, Senior Vice Present of Science & Technology at First Endurance. “The very best endurance athletes use First Endurance products across the globe. That is why we chose to incorporate Wellmune into MultiV-Pro because of its powerful and consistent results that demonstrate Wellmune’s ability to keep athletes healthy so they can focus on training.”

One of the first elite athletes to test MultiV-Pro was a professional triathlete and five-time Ironman champion Jordan Rapp. “I have been using MultiV-Pro consistently for six months. While those around me experienced some unwanted down time, I did not miss a single day of training.”

Wellmune is a natural food, beverage and supplement ingredient with numerous clinical results that demonstrate its ability to safely boost the immune system and improve overall physical health. Clinical research with marathoners, cyclists and others enduring high physical stress found that Wellmune can improve overall physical health after intense periods of exercise. Wellmune also reduced the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms that commonly afflict distance runners and other athletes.

“The immune system needs to recover from hard training, just as muscles do,” said Richard G. Mueller, Chief Executive Officer at Wellmune. “MultiV-Pro is a unique combination product that helps speed recovery and improves overall physical health, especially during times of stress. Through this product, we are thrilled to be able to supply Wellmune to a group of elite athletes.”

MultiV-Pro can be purchased online at Each serving of the multivitamin includes the clinically recommended 250 mg serving of Wellmune. For more information about MulitiV-Pro, visit:


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