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New Immune Sport Product with Wellmune to Keep Athletes Ready to Train

February 24, 2015 – Wellmune®, a natural yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system, is the active ingredient in the new MRM Immune SportTM, a beverage sachet that supports the special immune needs of hard-training athletes.


“Research has shown that high-intensity exercise may temporarily weaken the immune system, which over time, could impact training programs and athletic performance,” said Richard G. Mueller, Chief Executive Officer of the Welllmune brand. “MRM’s Immune Sport meets a growing market for athletic immune health support by utilizing Wellmune’s ability to help aid in immune recovery following intense training or competition.”

A natural food, beverage and supplement ingredient, Wellmune’s unmatched clinical research supports its ability to help safely and naturally support the immune system. Studies with marathoners, cyclists and others enduring high physical stress demonstrate how Wellmune can support immune defenses before, during and after exercise. Two studies involving marathoners and cyclists published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Dietary Supplements demonstrated that Wellmune made a significant reduction in the incidence of post-competition upper respiratory tract infection symptom and boosted mucosal immunity, the first line of defense against respiratory challenges.

“The 24 hours following a grueling physical workout is when athletes most need immune support. Overtraining that routinely occurs before an athletic event may also suppress immune function,” said Mark Olson, MRM Founder and President. “We chose Wellmune for our product because not only is it safe for everyday use, but it has unmatched ability to support an athlete’s immune health in both situations.”

Immune Sport specifically targets the immune health needs of hard-training athletes who are susceptible to immune suppression from post-workout physical fatigue and event-induced stress. Its proprietary blend of Wellmune, antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins helps deliver vital nutritional elements needed to counter the earliest signs of immune suppression to maximize recovery and minimize the risk of infection.

Immune Sport is available in specialty stores, online and through other MRM distribution channels reaching people with active lifestyles. Each serving of Immune Sport includes 250mg of Wellmune, the clinically proven effective serving. For more information about Immune Sport visit


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