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Force Factor Launches GainZzz with Wellmune to Aid Recovery and Muscle Growth Through Sleep and Immune Support

GainZzz product imageWellmune®, the clinically proven immune health ingredient, has been incorporated in the new GainZzz ™ post-workout recovery supplement from Force Factor®. The new product is designed to help both athletes and weekend warriors alike harness the full anabolic power of a solid night’s sleep, while utilizing Wellmune’s ability to support immune system recovery.

For those serious about their fitness, sleep and immune function can have a direct impact on their readiness to work out. GainZzz was developed to help weightlifters get to sleep quickly and stay asleep during the critical window when the production of natural anabolic hormones is at its highest, and the body’s muscle-building cycle is at its peak. With proprietary blends for mind relaxation and sleep rejuvenation, GainZzz incorporates Wellmune to minimize post-exercise immunosuppression to help maintain overall health and wellness.

“Sleep and immune health are essential to adequately prepare for, and recover from, training and competition,” said Brett Bernier, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at NutraClick, the parent company of Force Factor. “A good night’s sleep may be the most powerful muscle-building force in nature. It induces regeneration and repair as cells replace themselves with bigger, stronger replicas. Maintaining immune health is also critical for gym-goers to stay on track with their training goals.”

Wellmune is a natural food, beverage and supplement ingredient clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system. A proprietary baker’s yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, numerous clinical results support the overall effectiveness of Wellmune to help safely and naturally boost the immune system and improve overall physical health. Clinical research with marathoners, cyclists and others enduring high physical stress demonstrate how Wellmune can improve overall physical health before, during and after exercise. These benefits are evidenced by multiple clinical studies in which Wellmune reduced the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms that commonly afflict distance runners and other athletes.

“The connection to immune health and athletic performance is producing huge market demand for products that improve the overall physical health in athletes,” said Richard G. Mueller, CEO of the Wellmune brand. “With Force Factor’s development of GainZzz, athletes can now benefit from a sleep aid product that captures Wellmune’s unique ability to boost key immune functions, maintain healthy energy levels, and sharpen mental clarity.”

GainZzz can be purchased online at and will be available in GNC stores nationwide beginning March 2015. Each serving of GainZzz includes the recommended 250 mg of Wellmune, the clinically proven effective serving. For more information about GainZzz visit


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Force Factor delivers the best in sports nutrition with safe, premium ingredients and expertly formulated supplements. Launched in 2009 by two former Harvard University rowers, Force Factor products provide your body with what it needs to build lean muscle fast, burn fat, recover safely, and perform at the highest level with explosive energy. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of professional athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, Force Factor is dedicated to helping you achieve success and see results every day. For more information, be sure to visit us at or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.



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