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Immune Booster Wellmune Selected for MRI Performance Product

Wellmune®, the natural immune booster, is the active ingredient in the new Immune Fit™ bulk powder from MRI, a leading manufacturer of nutraceuticals to support sports performance.

Wellmune is a beta 1,3/1,6 glucan derived from a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. Nine human clinical studies consistently demonstrate the ability of 6780 IMMUNE FIT #3F401Wellmune to safely boost key immune cells that keep the body healthy. Research shows that high-intensity exercise may temporarily weaken the immune system and over time may derail training programs and performance gains.

Clinical research with marathoners, cyclists and others enduring high physical stress demonstrate how Wellmune can support immune defenses before, during and after exercise. Additionally, in multiple clinical studies, Wellmune reduced the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms that commonly afflict distance runners and other athletes.

“Most athletes plan their training in order to reach milestones by a specific period,” said Grace Manzano, director of marketing, Sports Nutrition, for MRI/PROLAB. “If they get sick, that down time sets them back a few training days, forcing them to deviate from their plan. Wellmune’s clinically proven ability to help athletes stay in the ‘Healthy Zone’ longer is compelling. It is an ideal asset to the MRI Performance line for people with active lifestyles.”

“Both competitive and recreational athletes can benefit from the everyday immune health benefits of Wellmune to sustain energy, sharpen mental clarity and support their overall health,” said Richard G. Mueller, CEO of the Wellmune brand. “MRI’s development of Immune Fit is a testament to the market need for an immune booster to keep athletes well and the clinical evidence supporting Wellmune’s benefit to athletes.”

Immune Fit will be available in specialty stores, online and through other MRI distribution channels reaching people with active lifestyles. Each serving of Immune Fit includes the recommend 250 mg of Wellmune, the clinically proven effective serving. For more information about Immune Fit visit

Currently, there are more than 100 products with Wellmune in more than 60 countries around the world.


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