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Boosting immunity important in chilly offices

Attractive Woman Holds Her Cap Isolated on a White Background.It’s the time of year when we go back and forth between an arctic chill indoors and a blast furnace outside. There’s probably a sweater on the back of your office chair right now to help you stay comfortable indoors!

Subjecting our bodies to these temperature extremes can wreak havoc on the immune system. When we’re exposed to a freezing environment, the body fights to stay at its usual 98 degrees.

In a recent Wall St. Journal article, Professor Ron Eccles, director of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University in Wales, discusses how our body’s attempts to regulate in the indoor cold may restrict blood flow, and consequently reduce the white blood cells that typically fight bacteria and viruses. Boosting immunity can help keep you well as you juggle summer indoor-outdoor temperature extremes.

It’s also a good reminder of the need for everyday immune support year round. Choose products with Wellmune, a natural immune booster proven safe and effective for daily use year round.

And, keep that office sweater ready to use, too!



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