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Wellmune cited as a “Top Ten Stress Buster” in new Functional Ingredients article

When we opened up the April 2013 issue of Functional Ingredients magazine we were delighted to see that Wellmune was named a “Top Ten Stress Buster” by Shawn M. Talbott, PhD. in an article about natural alternatives to traditional ways to manage symptoms of stress. Dr. Talbott is an expert source on supplementation and recently appeared on the Dr. Oz Show. The article comes on the heels of another accolade for Wellmune WGP – with Delicious Living magazine recently naming Immune Health Basics “Best Immunity” product in its 2013 Supplement Awards.

In the article, Dr. Talbott noted the clinical studies with Wellmune that focus on improving mood.

Dr. Talbott added in his commentary that in addition to the difficulties people have changing behaviors, “I believe that many people fail to take advantage of natural stress busters such as exercise or dietary supplements, simply because the idea that stress can seriously damage health has not really sunk in – including for many in the medical profession.”

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