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Wellmune® and Active Yogurt Cultures Provide Synergistic Immune Support in New Drinkable Yogurt

January 14, 2013 – Wellmune®, the clinically proven natural immune health ingredient, is now available in a drinkable yogurt product from Grupo Gloria, the largest commercial dairy company in Peru. Initial distribution is planned to retail locations across the country including supermarkets and convenience stores.

Gloria’s Pro Defensis marries the clinically proven systemic immune health benefits of Wellmune with the gut health benefits of probiotics. It is the first-ever yogurt to combine these clinically proven benefits.

“Yogurt is an everyday, mainstream food product making it an ideal delivery system for the daily immune support that Wellmune provides,” said Richard Mueller, CEO of the Wellmune brand. “We’re gratified that working closely with Gloria and our distributor Quimtia, yogurt now joins the wide range of applications for the proven immune health benefits of Wellmune.”

Pro Defensis is available in vanilla and strawberry flavors. Each bottle delivers 100 mg of Wellmune. The recommended daily serving is 2.5 mg/kilo of body weight.





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