Immune-Boosting Benefits: Stress Management

Stress is on the rise. A study from Carnegie Mellon University reports that stress levels have increased 18% for women and 25% for men over the past 25 years. The 2012 Stress in Americasurvey from the American Psychological Association found that nearly 7 in 10 women say they live with unhealthy stress levels. These sustained stress levels are concerning.

Stress is linked to many health problems, including suppression of the immune system.  Stress may prematurely age the immune system and can enhance the risk of illness as well as age-related diseases. It is also associated with increased upper respiratory tract infection symptoms such as cold and flu.

While acute or short-term stress can enhance immune response, chronic or long-term stress can suppress immunity in several ways.

Numerous human clinical studies with Wellmune demonstrate its ability to alleviate the harmful effects of both physical and psychological stress. Clinical studies in high-stress populations, including firefighters, medical students and people with high-stress lifestyles found that Wellmune maintained overall physical health and reduced the incidence, and in some cases the duration, of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms.

In addition to these physical health benefits, the clinical studies also demonstrated that Wellmune provides psychological benefits. Wellmune enhanced vigor and mental clarity of study subjects while reducing tension and fatigue. Participants taking Wellmune reported feeling better about their overall health than those in the placebo groups.

 You can gain more insight into the benefits of Wellmune for those experiencing stress by visiting our clinical research section.