Immune-Boosting Benefits: Sports Nutrition

For athletes, missing the chance to train is just as big a deal as missing a game. In season, you fall off the goal of maintenance. Off-season, you fall behind the goal of net progress! Great programs stay focused on out-working the competition with recovery keys like sound sleep, lifestyle, recovery therapies and nutritionDave Ellis, RD, CSCS, Wellmune Healthcare Scientific Advisory Board

Why Wellmune for Sports Nutrition?

Wellmune is clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system, helping athletes stay healthy before and after intense workouts. With Wellmune, athletes benefit from the ingredient’s ability to:

  • Help athletes stay healthy after intense exercise, enabling them to train harder and longer.
  • Help prevent immune suppression during intense exercise training.
  • Boost immune system performance and help you keep training hard without stressing your health.
Missed days of training can hurt athletic gains.

Intense exercise can temporarily weaken the immune system ultimately leading to missed days of training and loss of performance gains. While athletes understand the importance of staying healthy and ready to train, what separates the best athletes from others is the balance between hard training and good immune recovery.

Immune recovery is essential to training readiness.

Innovative and safe functional foods, beverages and supplements that help keep athletes healthy and ready to train are the next big opportunity in the sports nutrition. Just as protein helps muscles recover, Wellmune helps an athlete’s immune system recover from intense exercise.

Wellmune strengthens key immune cells that help keep athletes healthy.

Several peer-reviewed clinical research studies have demonstrated that marathon runners taking Wellmune saw:

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What athletes are saying about Wellmune.


“The worst thing that can happen is not having your immune system at 100%. That is why I’ve been using Immune Fit with Wellmune everyday for a full year. I now have the confidence that I am 100% going into an event.”
Christian Bertilsson, Professional Cyclist
Christian Bertilsson, Professional Cyclist
“The best way to stay healthy during intense training is to boost my immune system by taking Immune Fit with Wellmune every day. It helps me maintain high energy levels and aids in recovery so I have a great workout every time.”
Emily Neis, IFBB Figure Pro & Mom
Emily Neis, IFBB Figure Pro & Mom
“The results with daily use of ImmiFlex with Wellmune was better than I had dared to dream of. From July to December, I had only 10 days of downtime and training flowed uninterrupted without signs of a compromised immune system. It was also during this period I experienced the peak performance of my life and got my international breakthrough — fourth place in the U23 European Championships.”
Christian Bertilsson, Professional Cyclist
Christian Bertilsson, Professional Cyclist

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