Immune-Boosting Benefits

Our innate and acquired immune system components work together as a natural defense system, helping to keep us well and maintain our regular activities.  Yet, there can be many challenges that can impact the body’s natural ability to stay well. Some of these challenges are seasonal, some occur when we’re in unfamiliar surroundings or in close quarters, and others simply come from the physical and lifestyle stressors we face every day.

Safely boosting the immune system helps our immune system do its job better. When supported at a clinically proven effective level with Wellmune, the immune system can better manage challenges that can compromise its effectiveness. And, a strong immune system is integral to our overall health and well-being.

While everyone can benefit from everyday immune support as part of their wellness regimen, young children, the elderly and those undergoing considerable physical and lifestyle stress may be particularly good candidates for the everyday immune support that products with Wellmune may provide.

Continue in this section for additional insight into the benefits for children and families, stress protection, sports nutrition and healthy aging.