Biothera perspective on how manufacturers are approaching the immune health category

Elaine Watson of Nutraingredients-USA.com caught up with Rich Mueller, Biothera healthcare group president, to discuss the challenges manufacturers face to support immune health claims. Mueller noted that using vitamins and minerals is not enough and that it takes ingredients based on numerous clinical studies demonstrating the direct correlation between a specific ingredient strain and the immune health benefit. The story also included mention of Praeventia Cookies with Wellmune WGP from Biothera now available at 500 Walmart stores.  Biothera” ‘Using vitamins and minerals alone to support immune claims is not enough’

Immune Health: Just Do It

Published on 09 November 2011 by in Blog, Media Highlights, Print


Nutraceutical Business & Technology, Nov/Dec 2011

Check out the latest issue of Nutraceutical Business & Technology for an article on how Wellmune WGP may change the way athletes, trainers and coaches approach supplementation. Substantial research demonstrates that high intensity exercise weakens the immune system.  If you’re not well, you cannot achieve training or performance goals.  Clinical studies in marathon runners and cyclists in a heat stress lab showed that Wellmune WGP reduced the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and activated protective immune responses that maintain health.  The results have sports nutrition implications for both recreational and elite athletes.



NutraIngredients-USA.com, a leading website for the supplement and nutrition industry, reported today that Wellmune WGP® is rapidly gaining acceptance as an immune health ingredient among major food, beverage and supplement manufacturers.  Wellmune WGP, which primes innate immune cells that keep the body healthy, is an ingredient in products in more than 30 countries, including juices, fruit smoothies, toddler formula, soups and healthy snacks. The manufacturers of these products range from large global companies such as Mead Johnson and Coca Cola to regional food, beverage and supplement companies.

Biothera on a Roll as Yeast Beta Glucan Moves into Mainstream

“Sales at biotech firm Biothera have exploded in the last three years as some of the biggest names in food and drink have started to take yeast-based beta glucan seriously as an immune health ingredient…”