Biothera CEO Richard G. Mueller was interviewed at the recent IFT Annual Meeting and Expo in New Orleans by Stephen Daniells of NutraIngredients-USA.com. Click on the photo to watch the five-minute video for Rich’s insights into the rapidly growing immune health category.

Biothera CEO interviewed at IFT2014











Come along on a behind-the-scenes look at how Cleveland, Ohio-based Fun Treats makes its freezer pops that contain immune booster Wellmune and a prebiotic. John Allman from Fun Treats explains how these freezer pops make it easy for kids to have a refreshing treat that also helps keep them well.

In the coming months, Fun Treats will be coming to a store near you!


A recent story posted on SheKnows.com highlighted “Power Foods That Help Guard Your Health.” We were happy to see a section on immune support and even happier to see that Wellmune was included in the story as a great choice for enhancing the immune system without over-stimulating it.

As author Felicia D. Stoler, DCN, MS, RD, FACSM pointedly notes, “Grocery shopping today is like going on a treasure hunt. You can either load your cart with things that fill you up but don’t do much to keep you healthy, or you can reach for everyday superfoods that support your well being.”

She goes on to say, “Foods and drinks fortified with the right nutrients can help your immune system function at its peak and reduce a cold’s symptoms.” That’s a good reminder of the importance of everyday immune support as we approach cold and flu season. Click here to read the full story. How many of these superfoods are in your shopping cart?

Biothera perspective on how manufacturers are approaching the immune health category

Elaine Watson of Nutraingredients-USA.com caught up with Rich Mueller, Biothera healthcare group president, to discuss the challenges manufacturers face to support immune health claims. Mueller noted that using vitamins and minerals is not enough and that it takes ingredients based on numerous clinical studies demonstrating the direct correlation between a specific ingredient strain and the immune health benefit. The story also included mention of Praeventia Cookies with Wellmune WGP from Biothera now available at 500 Walmart stores.  Biothera” ‘Using vitamins and minerals alone to support immune claims is not enough’

Pharmacist recommends Wellmune WGP to Washington D.C. TV audience

Each year, cold and flu are the leading causes of missed work days/school days. In this economy, making your dollar stretch to the end of the month is tough enough without having to miss work because you or your child are sick!

Holistic Pharmacist Sherry Torkos appeared on Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live to reveal foods that can improve our immune systems. In this TV segment, she includes several child-friendly foods fortified with Wellmune WGP® including juices and healthy cookies.

Just as you might choose foods fortified with vitamins, you now have an option to choose foods for yourself and for your family fortified with this well-researched immune enhancing ingredient. Need on-the-go convenience? She also mentions supplement brands that contain Wellmune.

Immune Health: Just Do It

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Nutraceutical Business & Technology, Nov/Dec 2011

Check out the latest issue of Nutraceutical Business & Technology for an article on how Wellmune WGP may change the way athletes, trainers and coaches approach supplementation. Substantial research demonstrates that high intensity exercise weakens the immune system.  If you’re not well, you cannot achieve training or performance goals.  Clinical studies in marathon runners and cyclists in a heat stress lab showed that Wellmune WGP reduced the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and activated protective immune responses that maintain health.  The results have sports nutrition implications for both recreational and elite athletes.



NutraIngredients-USA.com, a leading website for the supplement and nutrition industry, reported today that Wellmune WGP® is rapidly gaining acceptance as an immune health ingredient among major food, beverage and supplement manufacturers.  Wellmune WGP, which primes innate immune cells that keep the body healthy, is an ingredient in products in more than 30 countries, including juices, fruit smoothies, toddler formula, soups and healthy snacks. The manufacturers of these products range from large global companies such as Mead Johnson and Coca Cola to regional food, beverage and supplement companies.

Biothera on a Roll as Yeast Beta Glucan Moves into Mainstream

“Sales at biotech firm Biothera have exploded in the last three years as some of the biggest names in food and drink have started to take yeast-based beta glucan seriously as an immune health ingredient…”

Health expert Sherry Torkos tells Toronto viewers how to boost energy and immune system response – with cookies!

Sherry Torkos, fitness expert and holistic pharmacist, dropped by Breakfast Television at City-TV Toronto to discuss natural ways to keep healthy.

Sherry isn’t all work and no play; she shared a sneaky way to get healthy by eating Praeventia cookies that are great for kids and adults alike. The cookies contain whole oats, polyphenols (antioxidants) and Wellmune WGP®, a natural ingredient that improves resistance to stress and mobilizes immune cells without over-stimulating the immune system. These are ideal for school lunch boxes.

Ever notice how lethargic you become when you’re feeling under the weather?  With a healthier immune system, chances are that you’ll notice an increase in energy. Try Praeventia or other Wellmune WGP® products today.