EAGAN, MN – Jan. 21, 2013 – Wellmune WGP®, the natural immune health ingredient from Biothera, is now available in MediChá®, a functional beverage in Taiwan made by U!be Group Inc., a leading innovator in the health and wellness category. MediChá® is a unique tea concentrate shown to address the health concerns of people with metabolic syndrome.

Wellmune WGP is clinically proven to safely prime the immune system to keep the body healthy. Numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies demonstrate that Wellmune WGP mobilizes billions of innate immune cells that are part of the body’s natural defenses without artificially stimulating the immune system.

“We are excited that U!Be Group is expanding its offering and bringing Wellmune to the Chinese community through the tradition of drinking tea. MediChá with Wellmune is a perfect match of ancient wisdom of the East with a nutritional breakthrough from the West,” said Richard Mueller, chief executive officer, Biothera.

“MediChá synergistically combines the immune-strengthening mechanism of Wellmune and scientifically validated ingredients to help optimize glycemic response into a unique preparation of Pu-erh Tea concentrate from hundred-year-old tea trees,” added John Perng, Ph.D., U!be Group Inc.’s vice president of R&D and business development. “This triple combination of health benefits helps to enhance the immune system, promotes healthy metabolism and supports overall health.”

Mueller added, “MediChá with Wellmune is a great example of how beverage companies can create added value for their brand. Immune support is one of the most sought-after functional health benefits.”

About U!be Group Inc.

U!be Group Inc. is a pioneer in creating innovative nutraceutical products featuring clinically-proven nutraceutical ingredients and novel delivering systems. The company’s goal is to provide natural solutions to health problems with its U!be brand of products that is efficacious yet affordable to the general public. For more information visit www.ubelife.com.

About Wellmune WGP®

Wellmune WGP is a proprietary baker’s yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan that is clinically proven to prime key immune cells that keep the body healthy. This natural food, beverage and supplement ingredient has regulatory approval around the world, including GRAS status in the U.S. and novel foods approval in Europe and China. Wellmune is available in more than 100 products in more than 50 countries around the world. It is also patented, Kosher, Halal, non-allergenic and GMO-free. In addition to receiving an IFT Innovation Award, Wellmune has received a SupplySide West Scientific Excellence Award and a Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Research Award. Wellmune WGP is a product of Biothera, a U.S. biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health.

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