When Lagos, Nigeria-based Bolar Pharmaceuticals Ltd. introduced Immiflex, which contains Wellmune WGP, public health officials took notice. Nigeria, the largest country in Africa, faces an ongoing health crisis, with a life expectancy of just 54 versus the global average of 68, according to the World Health Organization. Mortality rates are higher than average for the youngest Nigerians as well, with 138 deaths per 1,000 for children under 5 versus 60 deaths per 1,000 globally. Like many other Third-World countries, those in Nigeria’s rural areas and those at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum are particularly at risk.

Where do Immiflex and Wellmune fit in? Nigeria has a bold public health vision: to save one million lives and improve the quality of care. One of the four pillars of the initiative is an emphasis on healthy living and disease prevention. Because Wellmune primes the innate immune cells that help keep the body healthy, it attracted attention as a functional ingredient. Wellmune can help mobilize the body’s natural defenses, strengthening the immune system, the foundation of health and wellness.

On hand for the launch of Immiflex was Dr. Enabulele, Head of the Wellness Programme at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, on behalf of the hospital’s Chief Medical Director D A A Oke. The Special Guest of Honour was The Special Adviser on Health to the Lagos State Governor, Dr. Yewande Adesina. The event host was Bolade A. Soremekun, M.D. and CEO, Bolar Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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